Facebook Places

Facebook Places

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Ok, so we’ve all seen location-based mobile apps like Gowalla, Yelp, and Foursquare rise to popularity quickly over the past year. Checking in to your favorite locations to get those shiny badges or the possibility of becoming mayor of your local Starbucks is just all too enticing to resist. However, what’s the point of all of this? Using these apps is a great way to see who’s around you. Possibly joining up with friends at your favorite sandwich shop is always a delight. But, honestly how often do you actually bump into your friends due to digitally pronouncing your location to the cyber world?

Most of us already realize that just like Google, these apps are mainly here to gather data about where we frequent and where our interest lie. Enter Facebook Places

Facebook Places was just recently release on Thursday and it already seems to be gaining in popularity. For photographers, this new feature shows great marketing potential for our studios. How? Facebook has graciously given us the ability to not only create Places for people to check in. They’ve also masterfully created the ability for us to tag our friends when we check in. What business potential does this have, you may ask? Well, let me provide you with a brief scenario…

As a senior portrait photographer in Austin, TX, Facebook Places via their mobile app for iPhone or by using their mobile web site touch.facebook.com from your smartphone, I can tag clients at Dustin Meyer Photography when I check in for their portrait session. Of course, they have the ability to change their privacy settings on the Facebook website. But, should they allow the ability for friends to tag them in Places, I can know announce to my client’s news feed and their friends that they are currently at my studio having their portraits made by me. Brilliant!

The extra benefit this nifty feature creates is that not only do the friends of my portrait clients learn that my client is having their portraits made. Their friends can also learn where my studio is and who else is in attendance. As long as you’re ok with people knowing where your business is located, this feature can be a great way to get more people to notice your business. Also, when people check in to other places nearby, your studio will show up in a list of places they can check in, bringing further attention to your business!

So what does this all mean for the future of other location-based apps? Well, I have my own theories, but of course it’s always smarter to give it a little time and see what happens :)


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  1. Nick
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    Awesome! Yeah I think it’s going to work WONDERS for photographers who actually have a physical studio. However with places you could actually create a “virtual” studio, in that it’s wherever your shooting location is going to be that day. Now if only Facebook allowed us to check in at a GPS coordinate instead of a physical location….now that would draw in everyone including photographers without a physical studio location.

    Sweet post!

    • dustinmeyer
      | Reply

      Thanks, Nick! That’s a great idea. However if you create a “Place” when you’re shooting out in the field, wouldn’t that leave a studio’s permanent place at that location? I have plans to franchise my business, but this might be overload, lol! I’m just excited to see how others use this feature :)

  2. leigh caraccioli
    | Reply


    You know you’re my techy photog idol (hence the stalking) so I am not surprised you are opening my eyes to yet another cool social media thingy on the horizon. I’ll be interested to see it’s functionality first hand. Thanks for the 411, Dustin. Great post.


    • dustinmeyer
      | Reply

      You know I couldn’t be noticed without at least one fan, Leigh! Thanks so much for your comments! Has Facebook Places been made available in your area yet? It’ll be neat to see more ways people take advantage of all this nerdy tech stuff :)

  3. Yusuf Gunawan
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    An interesting topic since many people have using the feature on Facebook since the launch time. I guess when you tag your client while you do a consultation or photo-shoot, it might bring prospect clients to be able to connect to you if they are in the area and see you are in action.

    Great insightful post Dustin.

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