iPhone app review: Dragon Dictation

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My good friend Kevin Casey, CEO of Collages.net, and I occasionally have brainstorms over the phone about new product and service ideas for Collages.net customers. One day, we were chatting on our iPhones as both of us were driving in our cars, states away from each other. We came up with some really great ideas, but alas I was busy steering my car instead of jotting everything down (you know, priorities and such). But soon after we finished our phone conversation, I received a very long text message from Kevin… within 5 minutes.

I noticed that there were some grammatical errors, and a few missing punctuation marks. But the general idea was transmitted and received loud and clear. How was this possible? How was Kevin able to write a paragraph of text, message it to me from his iPhone, without crossing several lanes on the freeway and colliding into oncoming traffic?

Introducing, the Dragon Dictation app for the iPhone. After I made sure Kevin wasn’t texting me from the great beyond, he revealed to me this nifty little app available for the iPhone.

First off, it takes a little getting used to. The first time I used this app, I quickly learned that the way I speak isn’t always the easiest thing to understand… when it comes to computers. If you’ve never used dictation software before, you’re going to soon realize any articulation challenges you may have. Make sure you speak clearly and concisely into the mic. However, don’t enunciate too much, otherwise your “P’s” and “Q’s” will soon saturate your iPhone with saliva. Blech.

It may take a few tries so I highly recommend testing this out at home or some other place private. Otherwise, onlookers may mistake you for someone with voices in your head. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be dictating to your phone like Don Draper to his under-appreciated secretaries.

The built-in keyboard feature is nice, because it allows you to go back and correct any spelling or punctuation errors. Plus, if you double-tap a particular word, Dragon Dictation will provide a small list of similar sounding words to replace them with. Neat!

Plus, for those of you who are social-media minded, Dragon Dictation has seamless integrations with Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it also utilizes the native iPhone copy/paste feature, as well as integrating directly into your email client and text messaging. I use this feature a lot when I’m on the road and I get sudden inspiration that I want to share with all of you. It also makes a great speech-to-text app for sending yourself little email reminders about your ever-growing To-D0 list.

Oh and I almost forgot the best feature about Dragon Dictation… it’s free. Pretty sweet, eh? So, if you have an iPhone, go download the app. Then, navigate on your iPhone to http://mpactphoto.com. Open Dragon Dictation and dictate a comment, then paste it here on the blog straight from your iPhone. Awesome! Now get out there and dictate your ideas and inspirations. Just try not to look like an escapee from the local mental hospital, ok? Cheers!


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