Reader Question: Can I move Facebook Fans from one Page to another?

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Recently, I received an email from one of my students from WPPI about Facebook. With her permission, I’m posting her question and my response about Facebook Fan Pages:


Hi Dustin,

I have a question regarding business/facebook page.  A page was initially set up thru a personal page of one of our former employees (owners son).  It is very difficult to control the page this way.  We feel limited to the current page, our studio name had a slight change from “CHARLESWATERHOUSEPHOTOGRAPHY” to “WATERHOUSEPHOTOGRAPHY”,  we want to grow the page and do better advertising on it.  We also do not want to loose the current “fans” we have.  What would be the best way to go about creating a brand new page?    I am doing some searching on the internet but it really does show how to transfer/keep your current friends/fans….

You have been so helpful in the past (WPPI class 2010).. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.  I also registered for HootSuite also.

Congrats on the new addition to your family… Maddox.. he is beautiful


Here is what I wrote back to her:

Hi Renee,

That’s a great question. Currently, a lot of the more complicated Pages vs. Profiles management processes are still kept in the dark. I have closed down several of my own Pages without finding a way to transfer those Fans over to a more consolidated Page.

In the past, I was able to locate an email address for Facebook. “” I believe. However, no support email addresses can be found on Facebook. Nor have I located and support phone numbers to contact them about these kinds of questions. It appears that FB is moving everything over to a “user-based” support forum, where the customers answer each others questions.

The only thing I’ve found is to be proactive in alerting your current Fans on your old Page that you’re moving to a new Page. You can do this by adding a status update every week or so. Also, you can send out an Update, however I find that people hardly ever read those anymore now that they’re not located within the user’s Inbox.

I know it stinks, but currently this is the only method I’ve found to be successful. Yes, it’s quite possible that some of your Fans won’t migrate to your new Fan Page. However, look at this as a “quality control” exercise with your clientele. Those that are truly interested and invested in your studio’s services will elect to make the move over to your new Fan Page :)

I hope this helps, will you be at WPPI this year? If so, make sure to say hello!



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