The Art of the Sale

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As many of you remember, I’ve been spending a lot of time over at Canvas Press Pro. We’ve been busy developing ways to take care of professional photographers like you, so you can increase sales and actually enjoy running your business. With that being said, the topic of sales is being discussed a lot these days. And I’m not really sure if the real point has been made.

For starters, I always get a flutter in my heart when I get that email with the subject line, “You’ve booked online with ShootQ!” I know, it’s the little things, right? But then, I take the time to think about how that sale came into being. For example, I recently sat down with a wonderful couple last Saturday to talk about their wedding. They were referred to me by a local wedding planner, but also had a few other photographers on their shopping list. Of course, my competitive nature took over, wanting to book this couple all for myself. However, after years of practice, I’ve learned a few tricks on how to be in control of your instincts, your emotions, and overall your sales.

1. Take a breath. Yes, it’s exciting every time you get a call or email for a client appointment. It’s like getting that first phone call or email from you’re biggest crush. You feel elated, you’re happy, smiling, heart pounding. But remember, you don’t want to seem desperate.

2. I always remind myself that I’m not the only one out there. This couple/client is probably checking out several other studios as well. However, instead of being competitive or under-cutting, I work harder at being myself. Why? Because if they don’t like me for who I really am, then it’s not a good fit.

3. Listen. Stop waiting for your turn to talk and simply listen to your client’s wants and desires. First off, they will remember how good it felt to be able to talk to you. Secondly, you can always take notes using apps like Evernote and then touch on points they brought up.

4. Again, be yourself. If you aren’t acting like yourself, then what are you really selling? You’ll find that you’ll work best with clients that truly appreciate your personality.

It’s great to be back, and I promise to never stay away from MpactPhoto for this long again :)


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