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With the upcoming new Facebook Timeline, there are plenty of reasons to be excited, especially for photographers. I was invited to try out the new Timeline feature, so I thought I’d give you guys a preview.

First off, it’s pretty incredible how far back the Timeline goes. In fact, the first thing I realized was that I probably wanted to polish up a few things before all of my past photos, tags, and posts were on public display for everyone.

My first impression however is that I really like the large banner photo at the top of your profile. In fact, this made me think that Facebook is now directly going after the blogger market by having a similar appearance as current blog headers. You could even go so far as to create a custom image header and use that as your timeline banner. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing some of this in the very near future as more people adopt the new layout.

My next favorite is the larger photos on display. This is a great opportunity to display some of your current work with large colorful images.

However, as always with Facebook, privacy is a big proponent of online controversy. So, I’m taking a moment to remind you some simple steps to control who sees what on your new Facebook Timeline.

First, go to the down arrow on the very top right of your profile. Clicking on the Privacy Settings option will bring you to this page:

Here you will be able to select individual settings for how you want to control your privacy. Facebook has recommended certain settings, however I prefer a little more privacy as I’m sure you do as well.

Click on “How to Connect” and you now have full control over your privacy for each way you connect with people on Facebook. Here is how I have my settings configured:

This allows me to still let people know I’m on Facebook, but without letting them see absolutely everything about me before I have a chance to connect with them.

Continue through the different options to personalize your privacy settings. You’ll find very specific options, such as allowing people to tag you when checking in to Facebook Places, or allowing you to review any photos you’re tagged in before your friends on Facebook can see them.

Facebook is a wonderful tool to network with colleagues, as well as stay connected with family and friends. Rather than jumping on the naysayers bandwagon about losing privacy on Facebook, take the time to figure out your privacy preferences. Take control and make Facebook work for you.

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